About us

Established in 2001, Markaz International School is an inspiring community of smart and genuinely nice people from across the city of Kozhikode.

MIS is managed by Markazu Saquafathi Sunniya. which has several educational and charitable institutions under its fold. MIS offers the best of a demanding and academic education, from Kindergarten to Grade 10. Our school is a caring and friendly place where children can grow and learn in a Unique Islamic culture, Creative and friendly environment and provides an exceptional standard of education.

John Dewey, the legendary theorist of education once remarked: “education is not the preparation for life but life itself”. During my Masters in Education in Bangalore, these words had clearly struck a chord with me. In my time as Principal at the Markaz International School, we have been trying to follow a similar line in our curricular and pedagogic interventions. Subsequently, at the MIS, our students are prepared for life. As the new facelift inside the campus indicates, in a few years, the MIS will evolve to the dream school that everybody wanted it to be. Thus, the new decade has brought us plenty of reasons to be hopeful about the future of our school and our students.


Principal, Markaz International School

What makes us different?

The whole city is perceived as a learning space. Students get involved in various projects in and around the city.

Excursions to various places of monumental importance. 

Incursions: bringing the world inside the clasrooms the
class rooms

Regular interactions with the international faculty and

Radio Mangrove: Named after the mangrove forest that
surround the campus, this campus radio is fully operated by
the students. 

Atal Mission Tinkering Lab: This mission has been
implemented in order to develop the innovative and
entrepreneurial skills among the students.

Government of India has recently awarded a prestigious grant as part of its Atal Mission
Award from Kerala state council for science, technology and environment (KSCSTE)
British council International School Award
Academic collaboration with Azim Premji University
K-Disc- Young Innovators Programme Award, Government of Kerala
National Green Corps Ministry of environment, Forest and Climate Change, Govt. of India

Meet the team


Dr. MAH Azhari



C Muhammad Faizy

General Manager

Haneef Saqafi Azhari

Coordinator, Markaz Group of Schools


Prof. Anil Sethi

Academic Advisor

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